Raw Orange Story

Raw Orange Story

Hey Divas,

Welcome to Raw Orange, a Dubai based fashion label.

Inspired by the ultra-glam and enchanted city, Raw Orange is run by a gang of girls.

We as girls know how pricey it can get to keep buying the perfect outfits for any occasion, and how dreadful it is to be seen in the same one again.

So we took this perfect opportunity to dress ourselves and other girls up in the sexiest and trendiest outfits possible, but without having to empty our pockets.

We want our divas to chill out and shop the latest trends without having to drive to the mall or go broke.

Raw Orange has the “the perfect dress” for everyone for every occasion. From your date nights to your ladies night, from your family nights to friend’s party, just wear our designs and have everyone turn their heads to you.

So have a ball and happy shopping,